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What does your version of Awesome look like? Chances are it is a lot like Coldwell Banker Bain.

At Coldwell Banker Bain, we offer our agents the latest tools, technology and staff to give their clients what they need - the most effective, easy and enjoyable real-estate experience possible. The way we do this is by supporting our agents in ways that can only be described as awesome.

Awesome marketing

in today’s digital world is complicated. There are social media platforms, web presence, email marketing, print marketing, and advertising that needs to all work together. This is a big job for any agent to tackle. That is why we not only have a world class marketing department but we have staff trained to assist the agents in getting all this done with professional results.

Awesome technology

is the backbone of Coldwell Banker Bain. Our technology integration provides our listing agents the ability to list, market and sell real estate faster and for more profit than our competitors. From virtual tours, open house connector, social ad wizard and Properties in Motion videos to programmatic advertising and sophisticated learning algorithms, our technology elevates the experience for both our agents and you.

Awesome networks

start with over 3,000 offices and 96,000 agents. The Coldwell Banker network is one of the largest real estate networks in the world. We represent over 40 countries and have been building our brand since 1906.

Awesome Education

starts with the Bain Learning center and is the hub of our agent education. We not only inform them of the latest real estate rules, trends and strategies but we train them on the most effective use of the tools and assets we provide. This education gives our agents advantages that you will appreciate.

Awesome support

is what every agent needs to give their clients what they deserve. We provide several levels of support starting with coaching and mentoring to transaction management and legal support. No matter if you are buying or selling, our agents are ready to show you how your real-esate experience can be awesome!

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