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how to buy a home team diva

For you, buying a house is not just ticking off another box on the list – it's personal. Because owning your own home means you get to decide which colors to paint the wall, how many dogs you get to have (backyard permitting), and which tree you'll build your kid's tree fort in. Having a place of your own isn't just the quintessential American Dream, it's the dream you've kindled For. Ever. But you live in Seattle and have heard the horror stories about too few houses for sale and sky-high prices. Now, you're afraid your dream may never come true.

Well, don't give up. Buying a home in Seattle is a lot like buying a home anywhere else, only different. Yes, the market here is a tight and prices are above the national average but that doesn't mean you're destined to a lifetime of renting. Coldwell Banker Bain's Team Diva know the ins and outs of the local market and what it takes to be successful in landing the home of your dreams. It starts with education, yours, so they've put together a complete guide, A to Z called, appropriately, How to Buy a Home in Seattle. In it you'll discover:

  • How to determine your home-buyer personality
  • How to find the right real estate agent for you
  • Steps to get your financing in order
  • How to make a winning offer
  • What to do when you're under contract (and why it's not the time to buy a car)
  • And more …

Whether you're ready to buy a house or just curious about the process, this comprehensive guide is for you. Never have the steps to buying a home in Seattle been laid out so clearly. See for yourself.


Seattle Neighborhoods

Seattle is one of the most enticing cities in the United States. But as our Brokers know, preparation is key to finding and closing on the perfect home here: It's one of the most challenging real estate markets around!

Home prices increased an average of $266 per day throughout 2018, making it essential to move fast. That means picking a lender, finding a broker, and quickly submitting an offer will make a difference – often amounting to thousands of dollars in your total price.

Come ready for the process and Seattle is uniquely rewarding. It has an exceptional feel, with everything from Pike Place Market to ferry tours to unbelievable mountain views. But, of course, you won't be living on the mountains: You want the best neighborhoods in Seattle!

As a city of more than 700,000 people and one of the most important ports in the United States, there's always something growing in Seattle. No matter what type of experience you want with your new home, you can find it somewhere in the Emerald City.

Let's visit some of the top Seattle neighborhoods and see what makes them all so worthwhile:


  1. Ballard
    When it comes to real estate in Ballard, you'll be stepping in a hipster mecca that still retains many traces of its past as the center of the Scandinavian community. Boutiques, breweries, and local restaurants add color to the neighborhood, which has plenty of home-buying opportunities.

    Capitol Hill
  2. Capitol Hill
    There's something special about historic Capitol Hill real estate, which anchors one of the most energetic young spaces in Seattle. This is where you can find Avante-Garde theater, one of the top farmer's markets in the city, and many iconic mainstays of the gay community.

    Queen Anne
  3. Queen Anne
    Queen Anne homes for sale are divided into "Lower" and "Upper" segments with a difference of about $20,000 in median home sale price. While Lower Queen Anne is dynamic and walkable, it's Upper Queen Anne that gives the "picket fence vibe" with houses on the hills.

    Madisoin Park
  4. Madison Park
    If you want to live beachside in Seattle, Madison Park homes for sale will get you as close as you can be. It's an upscale community on prime property right beside Lake Washington. You'll find modern mansions and lavish Tudor-style homes with lush lawns.

    West Seattle Real Estate
  5. West Seattle
    With its waterfront location and child-friendly amenities, West Seattle real estate has grown in popularity in recent years. Although the neighborhood center has risen in price, the outskirts are now thrumming with lovely local businesses and a cutting-edge feel.

    Lake City Real Estate
  6. Lake City
    Lake City homes for sale are at the doorstep of a new light rail station – planned 2021 – that will add to its already bright prospects. Known for its pair of local craft breweries, it also boasts parks, lakeside beaches, and a significant part of the Burke-Gilman Trail.

    Fremont Real Estate

  7. Fremont
    You may already have heard of homes for sale in Fremont, which have long been synonymous with hippie enclaves, pottery shops, and cuisine from around the world. The area has recently been up-zoned, which has invited in an eclectic assortment of other businesses.

  8. Beacon Hill
    Beacon Hill homes for sale lay at the center of a diverse community that has been invigorated by the recent completion of a light rail station. Beacon Hill stands out as the hub of a thriving Hispanic community and has the cuisine and cultural institutions to honor that heritage.

  9. Ravenna
    A quaint hideaway with a fondness for charming bungalows, Ravenna homes for sale is a magnet for professors and grad students associated with the nearby University of Washington. Not surprisingly, you'll find lots of cafes, parks, and – yes – even bookstores.

  10. Georgetown
    Georgetown homes for sale harken back to the area's storied past as a boomtown revitalized into its present life: An alluring, yet modestly-sized community with monthly art walks and small local businesses. The pace of home development has been leisurely, adding to the charm.

Selecting an expert broker you can trust is one of the best ways to speed up the process of moving into your ideal Seattle home. Once you've had the fun of exploring and choosing your neighborhood, your Broker will help you zero in on a property and get the process in the bag.

At Coldwell Banker Bain, we advise you at every step. Our Brokers combine unbeatable local expertise with dependable customer service. Our years of expertise put us far above the rest when it comes to navigating the tides and shoals of the Seattle real estate market.

No matter what your goals are in Seattle, we are the team for you.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.


Seattle Fishing

Our Capitol Hill Brokers and our Seattle Lake Union Brokers live and work right here in Seattle, just like our clients and future homeowners. When we're not helping people pursue the dream of homeownership, we're enjoying all our area has to offer – including fishing.

Seattle is known for some of the best fishing in the Pacific Northwest. When you go angling around here, you can easily catch Chinook and silver salmon. Fishing reaches its first peak in mid-October through January.

That said, the opportunities here go well beyond the winter.

You'll find Chinook in Puget Sound from June through August, while silver salmon are out in force from July to September. When the salmon season closes in spring and summer, then it's time to enjoy bottom fishing with one of the many professional charter boats.

Let's take a look at some of the best places around Seattle to get a world-class fishing experience:

Seattle Fishing Puget Sound

  1. Puget Sound
    Puget Sound is legendary, giving a glimpse of pristine, protected waters sandwiched between the breathtaking Olympic Mountains. Fishing is abundant year around, and some of the best spots are only moments from the dock. There are 1,500 miles of shoreline to explore. Autumn is when you'll find anglers from all over the country visiting in pursuit of record-breaking Chinook.

    Seattle Fishing

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Portland Oregon Fathers Day
Father's Day is almost here! The Brokers in our Portland Uptown and Portland West offices invite you to give Dad a special day this year by exploring everything Portland has to offer.

Getting around Portland for Father's Dad is especially easy thanks to the city's bike sharing initiative, Biketown. You can get virtually anywhere throughout the downtown area without having to use a car or public transportation. There are 125 bike stations throughout the city.

Let's look at some of the best ways to celebrate dad in Portland this year.

Portland Japanese Garden

  1. Portland Japanese Garden611 Southwest Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205
    Portland Japanese Garden is a unique local attraction. Spanning a 5.5-acre space, it has fascinating landscapes and amenities to enjoy. You'll see the iconic waterfall and take in a beautiful mountain view. Plus, there are group classes and lectures to attend. Stop into the teahouse for a sip of traditional Japanese green tea before you go.

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Favorite Spots for Running in Seattle
National Running Day is June 5. Our Capitol Hill Brokers and our Seattle Lake Union Brokers want you to have the opportunity to enjoy it Seattle style.

Seattle is well known for a wide range of hiking trails and other opportunities for runners. There are clubs to join and annual races for runners of all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned 10k athlete or just getting started, the Emerald City is the place for you.

Let's explore some of the best running spots in and around downtown Seattle:

Seattle Washington Park Arboretum

  1. Washington Park Arboretum – 2300 Arboretum Drive East, Seattle, WA 98112
    Washington Park Arboretum offers a veritable maze of well-kept trails in beautiful natural surroundings. These trails are inviting for those who want to partake of the scenery with broad, flat paths. No worrying about hitting a tree root here.

    Seattle Running Lighthouse

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