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Oregon City

Located at the confluence of the stunning Willamette and Clackamas Rivers, Oregon City is a beautiful place to call home. The city still celebrates its pioneer spirit and features endless natural scenery to explore close to home. Oregon City is located about 13 miles south of Portland, with a mid-sized population and tons to do for fun. You'll find ample shopping areas in the city, along with delicious dining, fascinating museums, and plenty of outdoor attractions. Our brokers know Oregon City, and we've got the inside scoop on what it's like to call the city home.

  • City Life with a Suburban Feel
    Do you enjoy the perks of an urban lifestyle, but still want a suburban feel from your hometown? Oregon City has all the trappings of a large city, with a modest population of around 35,000 residents. It offers the perfect blend of urban, suburban, and small-town living. It's no surprise that a diverse collection of buyers continually shop for Oregon City homes for sale. Enjoy world-class dining, attractions, and events, without the population density of the biggest cities.

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Kent Washington

Just a short drive from Seattle, homebuyers are heading to Kent, to escape the hustle and bustle of its nearby "big sister." Kent ranks at the top of the list of fastest-growing cities in King County. Kent is a dynamic, growing community, with a population of just under 130,000 people and plenty for residents of all ages to do for fun. Living in Kent makes it easy to explore all that King County has to offer. Our brokers know Kent, and we've put together ten things you need to know about life in the city.

  1. A Mix of Small Town Style and Big City Amenities
    Are you searching for a city with all of the perks of urban life but skipping the traffic and population density of larger cities? Kent homes for sale offer an appealing alternative to other nearby cities, with an urban layout and a small-town feel. That's especially evident downtown, where you'll find locally owned businesses that treat regulars like family. Kent also boasts all of the outdoor beauty of scenic, smaller communities with its collection of parks and outdoor spaces that make it easy to connect with nature in the city.

  2. A Piece of Kent Is Still on the Moon Today
    Make that three pieces, to be precise! Kent played a key role in the Apollo missions to the moon, building three of the rovers that astronauts used to explore the lunar surface. All three of those Lunar Rovers remain on the surface of the moon today, providing a constant reminder of what makes Kent special.

  3. The King County Annexation Initiative Helps Kent Grow
    Kent is part of the King County Annexation Initiative, which aims to add unincorporated areas to existing city limits. This program benefits both Kent and the areas annexed by the city. Unincorporated areas gain the benefit of being part of an incorporated city, while the city benefits through growth, new attractions, and new residents.

  4. Get a Great Workout at the Kent Community Center
    Whether you're looking for a workout or the perfect place to host a local event, the Kent Community Center has you covered. The Community Center features ten large meeting spaces, two full-size gyms for basketball, exercise facilities, lockers, showers, and dedicated areas for exercise classes.

  5. Kent's Park System Is Second to None
    In addition to the Community Center, Kent is home to a huge collection of parks to suit every interest. There are more than 75 parks and outdoor facilities in Kent, including playgrounds, public parks, skate parks, trails, green spaces, waterfront areas, and recreation facilities. Many of the local parks host sports leagues and a wide variety of other community events.

  6. International Cuisine and Delicious Local Dining
    When you're looking for great dining, downtown Kent is the place to be. The city is home to a diverse collection of international dining spots, with flavors from around the world. Try an authentic Thai meal at Banyan Tree, sample food from around the globe at Ubuntu Street Cafe, or dive into delicious desserts at Punjab Sweets.

  7. Living in Kent Means Easy Access to Three Great Cities
    You won't have to travel far to find all of the attractions and services you need. Kent is smack dab in the middle between Seattle and Tacoma. So living in Kent makes it easy to explore everything that our corner of Washington has to offer.

  8. Easy Access to Highways and Public Transportation
    In addition to offering a central location, Kent provides easy access to highways and public transportation to get you where you need to go. King County Metro Transit will take you directly to downtown Seattle, and it's easy to commute on your own on Interstate 5 and other major highways. The Sounder Commuter Rail also has stops in Kent, so you have plenty of choices for transportation.

  9. The Downtown Partnership Brings New Attractions to Kent
    Kent's downtown is already a popular gathering place, and the Downtown Partnership helps makes sure that there's always something new to try in the city. The partnership was formed to revitalize downtown Kent and has been doing great work for decades.

  10. Local History Is All around You in Kent
    Kent has a long, unique history dating back more than 200 years, and the Kent Historical Society does a fantastic job of chronicling local history. You can visit the history museum, or stop by the society's booth at the popular Kent Farmers Market.

Are you ready to start shopping for a home that allows you to enjoy all of the things that make life in Kent so unique? Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Kent, WA area.


Pearl District Portland

Are you searching for a Portland neighborhood that has it all, from safe family fun to some of the city's best nightlife? The Pearl District is a true Portland treasure, and a favorite spot to visit for residents of all ages. It's home to a huge collection of world-class restaurants, amazing art galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and beautiful parks. The Pearl District is also a fantastic example of Portland's commitment to revitalization, after undergoing a truly amazing transformation over the past 25 years to become one of the hottest spots in the city. Our brokers know Portland, and we've got all the exciting details on what awaits you in the dynamic, vibrant Pearl District.

Calling the Pearl District Home

The Pearl District is one of Portland's most in-demand neighborhoods, and living in the Pearl District certainly comes with more than its share of perks. If you want to live in a place where everything is within walking distance, and you'll always have something new to experience, then the Pearl District is for you. While this corner of the city doesn't have many detached, single-family homes, there are tons of great apartments, condos, townhomes, and other dwellings to choose from in the area. When you live in the Pearl District, Portland's best boutiques, dining spots, and nightlife are all just a short walk from your front door.

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Pike's Place

If Seattle is the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Pike Place Market is its soul. This bustling, energetic attraction in the core of the city is virtually its own neighborhood, serving as a top draw for tourists and locals alike. 

What makes Pike Place Market such a must-see spot in one of the country's most vibrant cities? Join our brokers as they take a deep dive into the history, tradition, and appeal of Seattle's iconic marketplace.

History of Pike Place Market

During the early 1900s, Seattle was making the transition from frontier town to an urban center. The rapidly growing population created a strong demand for fresh produce, dairy products, meat, and other food items from nearby farms.

Unscrupulous wholesalers took advantage of the situation, paying farmers next to nothing and selling the goods alongside the downtown waterfront at exorbitant prices. Thanks to a proposal from City Councilman Thomas Revelle, Seattle decided to create a public marketplace where farmers could sell directly to consumers.

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