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Local Businesses in Seattle

Small businesses do so much to support the communities that they're a part of, and during times like these it's crucial for communities to show the same support in return. With so many small businesses in Seattle forced to change their business models, stop serving customers in person, or drastically limit hours due to coronavirus precautions, your favorite local businesses need your support now more than ever. Even though visiting local businesses in person has become difficult, there's still plenty you can do to help! Our brokers know how important Seattle small businesses are to every neighborhood, and we've put together 7 ways that you can support your favorite local businesses right now.

  1. Support Neighborhood Restaurants by Ordering Takeout or Delivery
    While they currently cannot serve dine-in customers, many restaurants located near Seattle homes for sale are still turning out great food from the kitchen. You just might have to pick it up in a different way than usual. There are a ton of Seattle restaurants still offering delivery, takeout, or drive-thru service, so it's easy to support your favorites while getting access to great promotions in the process. Remember that tips are a major part of the income for many service workers, and tipping can go a long way. Even though you can't dine in, you can still leave a tip when you pick up your food in order to help the staff.

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spring cleaningBehold, the sure signs of spring: forsythia in bloom, robins on the wing, a mop, a bucket and piles of microfiber cloths. Yep, it's spring-cleaning time. Seems like only yesterday we were decorating Christmas trees. But with the start of National Cleaning Week the fourth Sunday in March, now's the time to get ready for a full-on cleaning blitz.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, on average, we Americans spend roughly six hours each week cleaning our homes. Of those chores, our least favorites are cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen, dusting, mopping and doing laundry. I hear ya!

But come springtime, it's a deeper dive we're after. It's time to do what the Germans call luften, meaning to open the windows and let stale winter air out, so clean, fresh air can infuse our spaces. So, how do you get started?

You probably know your regular house-cleaning routine well enough to know which areas could use a little more attention. But if you don't, consider drawing up a checklist of the spaces you'd like to see cleaner or clutter-free. For example, when was the last time you gave your baseboards a good wipe-down? What about the slipcovers in the living room, is it time they were washed? And those tubes of mascara … how long have they been lingering in your cosmetics drawer? Definitely time to purge.

Once your checklist is set, you can shop for the supplies you'll need. In addition to the requisite cleaning tools – mop, broom, dust cloths, scrubbing brushes, cleaning products, etc. – you may also want to pick up storage accessories, like boxes and bins, to help as you "keep, toss and repair" your way through the clutter zones to a newly organized and orderly home.

Everybody's spring-cleaning list will look a little different, but here, in no particular order, are a few of the items on my to-do list: dust my ceiling fan; disinfect my knife block (yeah, who'd have thought?); vacuum my mattress and launder the mattress cover; disinfect the garbage can; run a vinegar cycle to refresh my dishwasher; launder my shower curtain and buy a brand-new liner; dust all lamp shades.

Frankly, I'm exhausted just thinking about this list. But here's a secret: Spring-cleaning, like the building of Rome, doesn't have to be done in a day. In fact, it would be hard to do so. The cleaning chores alone will easily take from three to eight hours. Tack on cleaning out and reorganizing drawers, cabinets and closets and, well, let's just say you'll need to order a lot more pizza. If you like music, consider creating a spring-cleaning soundtrack to keep you company and make the time fly by more enjoyably.

Of course, if none of this is your cup of tea you have an alternative: Outsource it! Many house-cleaning companies offer one-time services for events like spring-cleaning or move-in/move-out assistance, so take advantage. Hey, I won't tell if you won't!


Greenhouses in Seattle

There's nothing quite like spending a warm, spring day with your hands in the soil, tending to a garden that will bring you joy throughout the coming seasons. Gardening has many health benefits, from reducing stress to burning calories, along with the incredibly satisfying feeling of watching all of your hard work come to life. As our brokers can tell you, a beautiful garden can also be a big help when selling your home, since curb appeal is a key component in making the all-important positive first impression. No matter what draws you back to your garden each year, rest assured that Seattle has greenhouses with everything you need to exercise your green thumb.

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To our Valued Clients, Brokers, Staff and Guests:

Thank you for your continued loyalty to Coldwell Banker Bain. We are grateful for all the support and loyalty that have allowed us to prosper in Washington and Oregon since 1985.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world. As COVID-19 continues to have an increased impact in our community, we feel it is important to connect with you directly to share more about the steps we are taking to help keep our valued clients, team members and guests safe and healthy. 

The health and safety of everyone have always been and will continue to be our top priority. In each of our locations, our dedicated staff is sanitizing the offices and keeping shared areas as clean as possible. We have required any team member who shows any sign of illness or has had any exposure to COVID-19 to self-quarantine. We ask everyone to wash their hands upon arrival and often afterward, and we have hand sanitizer located throughout each location. 

Our brokers are taking additional steps to consult with our clients on the best way to sell or buy property during these unusual circumstances.  As of today, there is significant demand in our market for homes.  We will continue to support our clients while protecting the most vulnerable among us.

As always, Coldwell Banker Bain is here for you.


Portland Spring Break

Is it time for spring break already? If you're searching for fun, family activities to enjoy with your kids over spring break, you're in luck. The Portland area is filled with amazing attractions for families with kids, as our brokers and so many long-time residents can attest. Prepare for an unforgettable spring break filled with family memories, with our guide to 6 great things to do with your kids this spring in Portland.

  1. Japanese Garden – 611 SW Kingston Ave., Portland, OR 97205
    Portland homes for sale
    make it easy to find fun, cultural activities to keep your kids entertained over spring break, thanks to fascinating attractions like the Japanese Garden. The Japanese Garden is an excellent mix of fun, education, and culture. Kids will love exploring the exotic, beautifully arranged plants in the garden, connecting with outdoor art, and climbing to the cultural village. At the cultural village, you'll find world-class Japanese architecture, with buildings featuring Japanese art and different activities for every season. Stop by on the right day, and you might find a unique live performance or demonstration from Japanese culture.

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Seattle Bookstores

The benefits of reading go far beyond the classroom, and Read Across America Day is the perfect opportunity for people of all ages to get lost in a great book. Of course, this holiday is primarily geared toward children, which is why it falls on March 2 – aka the birthday of Dr. Seuss – every year, or on the Friday before if March 2 falls on a weekend. 

Whether you have a young child or you're looking to reconnect with your love of reading, our brokers are happy to report that Seattle neighborhoods are filled with local bookstores where you can celebrate Read Across America Day this year.

  1. Secret Garden Books – 2214 NW Market St., Seattle, WA 98107
    Secret Garden Books
    has been among Seattle's favorite independent bookstores since 1977, making it easy to shop for both rare books and the hottest new releases close to Seattle homes for sale. This is a great spot to celebrate Read Across America Day as well, with book clubs for kids age 8 to 12, teens, and adults of all ages. Secret Garden Books is also home to the unique Young Readers Society, where children from 10 to 12 years old can discuss their favorite books once per month with no parents allowed. The book selection here is excellent, and Secret Garden places a special emphasis on stocking a diverse selection of books for children.
  2. Elliott Bay Book Company – 1521 Tenth Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
    With book clubs, author events, a quaint cafe, and a huge selection of books, Elliott Bay Book Company has been serving Seattle with pride since 1973. The experienced staff at Elliot Bay Book Company loves to help passionate readers of all ages find books that appeal to their interests, and you'll find a rotating selection of staff picks whenever you choose to visit. Do you have a young child who loves stories? Stop by every Saturday for Children's Storytime, geared toward kids age 2 and older.
  3. Ophelia's Books – 3504 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103
    There's nothing like browsing the stacks of a used book store to find a hidden gem, and Ophelia's Books matches a diverse selection with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Help boost the collection at Ophelia's by selling your old books, then pick up something new to fill your shelves. Ophelia's also offers a unique selection of hand-bound notebooks and accessories, perfect for inspiring kids who enjoy writing just as much as they enjoy reading.
  4. Phinney Books – 7405 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103
    If you're interested in shopping for new releases across an eclectic collection of genres, then Phinney Books may be the spot for you. This small bookstore is focused on new books, including an excellent selection of children's books perfect for encouraging reading from a young age. If you or your child love learning more about the history of the Northwest, this is a great place to shop. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to get excellent book recommendations, and stop by every Friday morning during Children's Storytime for enthusiastic readings of childhood classics.
  5. Paper Boat Booksellers – 6040 California Ave. SW, Ste. A, Seattle, WA 98136
    With Family Reading Time every Saturday morning, loads of book clubs and frequent author events, the team at Paper Boat Booksellers believes in the power of building community through reading. The Middle Readers Book Club, for readers ages 8 through 13, is the perfect place to get kids interested in reading and connect them with other children who share the same passion. Parents are welcome to drop kids off, hang out at the shop, or quietly observe the book club in action.
  6. Laughing Elephant – 3645 Interlake N, Seattle, WA 98103
    The Laughing Elephant ranks among Seattle's most unique bookstores, with a business focused on recreating classic children's books and other texts, including the amazing images that those classic books contain. If you're looking for a truly unique gift for the youngster who loves reading, this is a wonderful place to shop. The Laughing Elephant also stocks a huge selection of cards, holiday items, notebooks, stickers, and prints, all of which draw inspiration from classic children's literature.

Living in Seattle makes it easy to connect with literature, art, and culture, with so many neighborhoods that still know the value of a beloved local bookstore. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the area.

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