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Portland Farms

When you want the best, pick it fresh. That could be the motto at any of the many great farms around Portland where you can pick fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables with your whole family. Heading to a farm is a great way to enjoy the early fall weather, get out of the house, and stock up on your favorite produce. As the calendar flips to fall, you can expect new and different opportunities at your favorite farms. Our brokers have the details on 5 great farms around Portland where you can pick your own fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Fall Landscaping

Autumn has arrived in the Pacific Northwest! Our brokers love everything about the fall season. The exciting fall festivals, the crisp and cool breeze, and the ways the changing leaves fill our streets with color makes us wish the season would last all year. When it comes to caring for your outdoor spaces, fall is a wonderful time to complete necessary upkeep. Here are seven ways you can improve your landscape this fall.

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Featuring brokers and employees who exemplify their "why," through how they live and work. They have unique and inspiring stories to tell, and have a variety of backgrounds and insights that help CB Bain successfully serve its clients. If you know of someone in the company who should be profiled, let us know.

When Kendall Patterson, a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Bain of Redmond, posted on Instagram the poignant story of her childhood home in Carnation, WA, it elicited an emotional response from her followers. Inspired to share after reading actress Chrishell Stause's Instagram story of her own experience with homelessness, Kendall's post was favorited by the popular Netflix star, with a supportive comment.

Kendall shared, "I haven't shared this with many people as I grew up embarrassed. Ashamed.

But also I truly learned that if I cleaned things I could make any home feel better. It started off as a dream of a project. I got to help my dad build our home [on a piece of large acreage owned by his father]. In my youth I dreamed of what it could be like. So helping under the 'house' putting in insulation for my dad, I did, in hopes of the grandiose home and finish product I thought we would have. It never materialized. It never got further than plywood and sheet rock and broken hopes and dreams. Two camp trailers lined each side.

One side my room, the other was my sisters and the kitchen and bathroom. Both tiny. But functional I guess. The shed you see had a loft where my dad's room was. And the living room. And that was our home. I day dreamed of the houses we could have had built and wondered when we were going to. That time never came. It was always messy and dirty and I tried my damnedness to tidy and clean plywood floors and a kitchen barely fit for weekend camping trips. My dad was always working and when he wasn't, I think he too grew depressed with the inability to buy or build on his own property, he ramped up the alcohol intake to scary levels.

There were only a couple people I had in my world that knew the severity of our situation. I stayed with friends as much as I could to eat, feel clean, and ultimately feel average.

Kendall's story is one of perseverance and finding success, after growing up in a household with parental abandonment, drug use and addiction, and where poverty was the norm. And now it has come full circle. Kendall will be considered to list the 15 acres surrounding her childhood home following her grandfather's recent death, as well as the five acres on which she lived in a shack given her decades-long relationship with the current owners.

Kendall's childhood has given her a unique perspective on what "home" really means, and a passion for helping those with similar backgrounds purchase their own.

This is why I have fallen in love with Real Estate and why I have always worked SO damn hard as a young mom, business owner, and individual. I REFUSE to go back to that life. I REFUSE to have my children live like that. I believe that our children are how we break these poverty cycles and abuse cycles.

Home ownership is key, in my opinion, to helping families and people out of poverty. Not to say that renting is only for the impoverished, just that owning a home can provide people with opportunity that renting cannot.

I want to help anyone and everyone but my heart is always with those first-time purchasers. I adore the ability to help dreams come true and help change generations of life trajectories.

Kendall credits office PMB Rick Costello's mentorship and CB Bain's training and marketing support as invaluable to her career launch, and notes the desk fee is much less than the rent she paid in her previous work as a hair stylist. And with a new baby, the flexibility of real estate also provides her the ability to be both an entrepreneur and mother.

Rick said, "Kendall is just one of those positive forces of nature, and has been from the beginning when she reached out to me to inquire about joining us. She didn't think her salon/hairstyling background would be of use, but I knew differently. The relationships she had made through that profession, her ability to connect with people, and the business acumen needed to be successful are very relevant to what is needed for a successful real estate career. Since joining us two years ago she has been very productive, a good student and her life experiences have made her tenacious, unflappable and empathetic no matter what comes up in a transaction."

But even with all her success, homeownership has still not become a reality for Kendall herself – while her family is in a home of their own now, it was her husband who was able to qualify to purchase it. While Kendall is thankful for his support, she looks forward to the day that if she wanted to buy a home on her own, she could.

I have been fortunate enough to live in three homes that I couldn't afford to be on the loan or purchase with cash. I could be on title. So even as a Realtor I have yet to be able to make my OWN dream come true. I'll get there. I have big goals. I have drive. And I know I will do this. I will also teach my daughter how to be able to do this. And my sons. I will ensure their understanding of how to earn their money and how to build real wealth. How to be healthy parents, adults and providers.

As so many commented on Kendall's Instagram post, she's an inspiration to us all – and with the kind of grit and determination needed for a successful real estate career. We are proud to have her as part of the CB Bain family and can't wait to see what she does next.


Historic Portland Sites

When most people think of Portland, our lively culture, delicious food, and gorgeous Pacific Northwestern backdrop often come to mind. Though the City of Roses is far younger than many cities on the East Coast, Portland still has a rich, fascinating history that is worth exploring. Founded way back in the 1840s, Portland's diverse history is accessible through our many museums, landmarks, memorial sites, and protected areas. If you're searching for a glimpse into Portland's past, our brokers encourage you to visit these interesting historical sites.

  1. Shanghai Tunnels – 120 NW 3rd Ave., Portland, OR 97209
    Portland's Underground, also known as the Shanghai Tunnels are located in Old Town Chinatown. Beneath the buildings, a series of interconnected tunnels running all the way to the waterfront. Sadly, most of the tunnels have collapsed, preventing anyone from uncovering a clearer definition of their intended use. However, these tunnels are often sited through local lore to have been used to smuggle illegal goods from ships to the shore. 

  2. The Pittock Mansion – 3229 NW Pittock Dr., Portland, OR 97210
    The Pittock Mansion
    is a historic house museum that was once the home of The Oregonian owner, Henry Pittock. As he built his financial empire in real estate, banking, railroads, and more, his wife used their wealth to start and support countless organizations benefiting the people of Portland, including the Martha Washington Home and the Ladies Relief Society. The mansion was acquired by the city and restored to act as a museum dedicated to this interesting piece of Portland's early history.

  3. Waterfront Park – 98 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204
    Waterfront Park
    is a relatively new site for the city, with its ideation beginning in the early 1900s. It wasn't until 1974 that ground broke on this park, but it was well worth the wait as its been a popular social spot for Portlanders ever since. This park features many historical landmarks such as the Battleship Oregon Memorial, which was constructed to honor the retired ship that served our country in the late 1800s. The Founder's Stone is also on-site, which acts as a tribute to the city's founders who actually flipped a coin to determine whether the city would be named Portland or Boston. The Japanese American Historical Plaza is also within Waterfront Park, which honors the Japanese Americans of the Northwest who served in the United States military during World War II.

  4. Oregon Holocaust Memorial – 95205 SW Washington Way, Portland, OR 97205
    The Oregon Holocaust Memorial is located outdoors in Washington Park. This memorial was dedicated in 2004 to the many residents of Portland and Washington that have had relatives who died in the camps; their names are engraved on the memorial wall. A soil vault panel, filled with soil and ash from six camps, sits alongside bronze tokens representing the everyday objects left behind as individuals from across Europe were transported to the camps.

  5. Ankeny Plaza – 2 SW Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97204
    Ankeny Plaza
    was one of the first public spaces in Portland and contains a number of historical features. Located in Old Town Chinatown, this plaza is surrounded by buildings built in the mid-1800s and contains the oldest public art sculpture: Skidmore Fountain. Meant to act as a drinking fountain for men, dogs, and horses, this 14-ft bronze piece of art continues to be a public space where Portlanders and their animals can come to cool off.

Are you searching for an older, charming home in Portland that you can call your own? Our team can help! Contact us today to tour our listings of Portland homes for sale.


Seattle Glass Blowing Art Studios

Seattle is a city that's bustling with a unique creativity that's seen in everything from our architecture and art to our food and literature. So many Seattleites unlock their artistic passions when they discover a new hobby that acts as a perfect outlet for their creativity. If you're searching for a new pastime, our brokers encourage you to give glass blowing a try at one of these local glass blowing studios in the Seattle.

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