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Portland Campgrounds

Portland homes for sale have a lot going for them! World-class shopping and dining, a diverse economy, and unmistakable local culture will have you exploring the city for years to come. But everyone needs to take some time out in nature, too – and the opportunities around Portland are abundant.

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Whether you're moving down the block or across the world, it's never easy. Moving is one of the most stressful life events you'll ever go through. Even if you're going to a better place, a beautiful location, a better job, or just heading somewhere new for a welcome change of pace, getting there is always a chore.

Inevitably, you will be stressed. You will encounter a problem or two throughout the process. Something will probably go wrong. But a lot of things can and will go right, and you should focus on those things when other stuff goes awry.

Not everything is under your control (and you can simply hope that your moving helpers, truck drivers and vendors arrive on time for their appointments). But there are actions you can take and ways to plan ahead so you don't feel too overwhelmed come moving day/week.

  1. Make a spreadsheet or a list of everything that must happen. Pick a program or app you can access on your phone. Do this as soon as you start thinking about moving. Try to put everything in chronological order; including finding the right moving company, the number of boxes you'll need (don't forget the tape, labels and digital organizing app), a list of accounts where you need to change your address, etc.
  2. Overestimate your moving cost. When the final bill arrives, you'll breathe a (little) sigh of relief.
  3. Cut back on incidental spending and stash any extra cash into savings. Do this months ahead of time, if it's possible.
  4. Thoroughly vet potential moving vendors, companies, and locations. Research multiple review sites, talk to neighbors and friends.
  5. Store your moving vendors' and contacts' phone numbers in your phone with their name assigned. That way, you'll know it's Jane from Moving Helpers, and not a spam caller.
  6. Start packing early. Seriously: Weeks or months before your move, even. You may already have items in storage, but if there are things in your home you're not using or won't need for a while, get a box and start packing.
    1. Keep track of what's packed where with an app. Don't rely on written notes on each box. Simply marking something 'bedroom' or 'kitchen' isn't enough and you'll forget where you put your favorite metal coffee scoop.
  7. Let go of some stuff! Moving is a great time to streamline and downsize. Donate or gift gently-used or unused household items.
  8. Make note of the accounts you need to change or cancel before moving day; including internet, utilities, etc. Notify each company ahead of time.
  9. Touch base with each moving company vendor to ensure everything is in place. Good vendors will contact you themselves to check in with you.
  10. Finish all of your packing several days before the move. Have your travel bag ready for your essentials.
  11. Go to bed early and get as much rest as possible before the big day!
  12. Even if you're stressed on moving day, roll with it knowing you did as much as you could to plan ahead, be ready and get everything done. Things will fall into place.

In short, when it comes to moving, plan what you can when you can, think ahead and give yourself a break when stress comes along. Before you know it, you'll be settled into your new home.


terry mcmahanFor Terry McMahan, a broker in the Coldwell Banker Bain of Capitol Hill office, it's always been about the "personal." In fact, when he joined the office more than six years ago, launching his homebysix brand, his mission statement said it all - We are a full-service, thoughtful and knowledgeable team that is focused on making certain your experience with us is fruitful, satisfying…and perfectly matched to you. At homebysix, it's never about the sale; it's about the people.

Over the past several months, Terry has walked the talk. Since February, he has been volunteering two full days each week at the COVID mass vaccination site at Lumen Field, which has the distinction of being the largest civilian-run mass clinic in the U.S.

"I can't describe how wonderful it is to see the jubilation, and even tears of joy, that people display when they get their shots," Terry said. "The impact of our work is immediately visible."

When he started volunteering back in February, he was tasked with registering new patients, answering eligibility questions, working with vaccinators during the immunization process and monitoring medical reactions of patients after their vaccination (with the guided aide of a medical professional very close by). However, true to Terry's personality, he soon wanted to do more. He started filling in for other tasks when volunteers took breaks, in order to learn about other parts of this important process. His leadership skills soon became apparent to clinic supervisors, who started coming to him and asking him to take the lead in various ways, eventually asking him to formally take one, of several, lead positions for the Vaccination Date Entry team. The work at Lumen Field began on March 13, 2021 and to date, the clinic has provided over 39,000 vaccines in about eight weeks.

In addition to attending the simulation event Lumen Field held to ensure volunteers fully understood the process, Terry and his husband Rob have undergone in-depth training in order to ensure a complete comprehension of the effort.

No one who knows Terry is surprised by his leadership and commitment to this effort. Holding an Associate's Degree in marketing/marketing management from Howard College, his career has moved on a leadership trajectory. He has served in management and marketing roles for several companies, including Guess, Alere Inc., and even Coldwell Banker Bain, where he served as a marketing manager in the mid-2000s. This path has provided the experience and leadership expertise that have been so helpful at Lumen Field.

Terry's commitment to the Seattle community is not surprising either, as he played a key role in volunteering for Special Olympics of Washington, specifically when the organization held its national summer games in Seattle in 2018.

He has come full circle now back with Coldwell Banker Bain of Capitol Hill, and even with his commitment to the vaccination site, Terry has kept up a thriving real estate practice.

"Given our crazy market, I've had to facilitate calls and transactions sometimes while onsite at Lumen," he said. "Thankfully our technology has ensured that I've been able to do that effectively, and I've even sold three houses while volunteering for this effort."

Now that vaccinations have opened up more broadly, and the need for additional help is needed to be able to handle the increased demand, Terry's volunteer role is becoming an formal hired position. Given his performance thus far, he's been asked to sign on in that capacity, and is considering doing so one day per week in a temporary role.

"I just believe this is a critical time for our community, and find it really meaningful to have a role in getting us one step closer to interacting freely with our loved ones and friends," he said. "The goal now for the site is to vaccinate 22,000 people per day, which is incredible number. It's wonderful to be a part of this effort."


As we start to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, with vaccine distribution broadening and businesses opening back up to greater capacity, we have been reflecting on how we've navigated through the past year as a company. While Coldwell Banker Bain has benefited from operating in markets that for a variety of reasons have weathered this unprecedented storm better than most others, we cannot overstate how we could not have done so without the amazing and critical support of our office staff in each and every one of our offices.

In each office there have been staff members from OMs to reception, who have served on the "front line" since the beginning of the crisis to ensure operations continued and their brokers both felt and were in-fact fully supported. These "essential" staff stepped up and bravely put aside the fears that we all had to ensure that their offices could continue to provide the support needed – enabling brokers to seamlessly transition in this new environment and successfully list and sell real estate to support themselves and generate revenue to support our company.

In many cases, this required navigating complex situations and enforcing rules related to safety measures and protocols amid diverse personal views, and in doing so, they helped protect us from ourselves and others – always the steady voice the room.

It is in times of crisis that heroes reveal themselves – and we are extremely fortunate to have so many heroes who work for Coldwell Banker Bain.

We often talk about our "Why" – which is "To inspire and empower, so that lives are enriched." This was never as true as over the past year. We are so inspired by the way these staff members rose to the challenge - with flexibility, resilience, courage – and a caring heart. It's no wonder why each branches culture reflects more than staff, they're family.

Thank you for your incredible contribution – we are grateful and we're lucky to have you.


Bill and Mike


Seattle PhoIf you're looking at Seattle homes for sale, prepare for delicious cuisine.

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National Park

National parks are a true American treasure, handed down from one generation to the next.

The Pacific Northwest has so many wonderful national parks to visit, or better yet, live near. 

Stunning Crater Lake National Park is less than half a day's drive from Portland homes for saleOr explore 73 miles of Pacific Coast at Olympic National Park, roughly a two-hour drive from Seattle homes for sale

Our brokers share nine top benefits of living near a national park. Do some of these surprise you? 

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Smart System for Garden

For nearly twenty years, smart homes have been surging in popularity as we embrace the technology that makes our lives easier. No longer limited to inside the home, technology has moved into the garden to make it more efficient as well.

Our brokers know how important a lush lawn and curb appeal are when appealing to potential buyers. Whether you're getting your home ready to list or just want to enjoy an attractive landscape, consider installing a few of these smart devices.

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