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Gutter Maintenance

Knocking out a few simple tasks this summer will help ensure you don't run into any unexpected problems caused by poor gutter maintenance. This may include leaks, damage to your insulation, siding damage, and more. Don't let this happen to you! Follow these simple tips, and you'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature brings. 

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Horseback Riding Seattle

What could be better than a pleasant summer day spent on horseback exploring the natural beauty of the Seattle area? Whether you want to learn to ride for the first time with the help of an experienced instructor or enjoy an exciting trail ride with the whole family, our brokers know that Seattle is home to an extensive selection of equestrian facilities that offer everything you need for a fun day outdoors. Find your new favorite farm with our list of 6 great equestrian facilities located in the Seattle area.

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Brokers from the Coldwell Banker Bain of Puyallup office, in partnership with the City of Bonney Lake Senior Center, recently helped Lucy Sanders, a Puyallup senior with much needed yard work. Under principal managing broker Laurie Lenihan, the office is working to increase its community involvement and give back. The Senior Center works to affirm the dignity and self-worth of older adults by providing services and activities in an atmosphere that encourages and supports senior life to the fullest.

Said Dale Shoemaker, an office broker who regularly volunteers for the Senior Center, and who facilitated the event, "Lucy is a sweetheart, and recently lost her husband. Even though her yard is not large she is unable to keep up with the maintenance of it. I was really happy that my colleagues joined me in helping her out."

The group mowed, weed-wacked, moved large structures and got Lucy's yard in tip-top shape even though the grass was up to their shoulders in certain areas of the yard. By all accounts Lucy was extremely grateful, being moved to tears by the team's work, and thanking them repeatedly – she was excited to show off the yard to her friends.

puyallup community event 2021

Left to right, back row: John Hanson, Chris DeVoe, and Jordan Byersdorf

Left to right, front row: Melanie Howell, Laurie Lenihan, homeowner Lucy Sanders, and Dale Shoemaker



Parks in Portland

Portland regularly ranks among the most beautiful cities in the United States, in large part thanks to its incredible natural scenery. What better place to celebrate Nature Photography Day on Tuesday, June 15? Our real estate agents will be taking their cameras to these stunning parks that are just minutes from Portland homes for sale.

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Brokers and staff of the Coldwell Banker Bain of Vancouver East and West offices conducted a food drive in April with a goal of raising $5,000 between the two branches. Not only did the offices meet this goal, a check exceeding it for $5,480 was presented to the Clark County Food Bank on May 13.

"Gregg White and I are so thrilled with how our respective offices responded to the challenge we issued to help this incredible organization," said David Knode, SW WA Regional Manager. "It went so well that we're planning another fundraising event in the fall to include our clients."

The Clark County Food Bank is a regional food bank that distributes over eight million pounds of food and 6.7 million meals a year. It works with 43 partners at 130 distribution sites to serve 65,000 food insecure in the community,

Said Madison Sparks, the Food Bank's office administrative associate, "It was so nice to meet you in person and receive your generous gift. You and your agents at Coldwell Banker Bain raised $5,480. Wow! That money is going to provide up to 21,920 meals to people facing hunger in Clark County. Thank you so much for your efforts that are so desperately needed."

Left to right: Jenny Jeffries, Clark County Food Bank Executive Assistant; Phoebe Conrad, Clark County Food Bank Community Outreach; David Knode, CB Bain Vancouver East; Ali Laskowski, Clark County Food Bank Events Coordinator; Gregg White, CB Bain Vancouver West; and Madison Sparks, Clark County Food Bank, Office Administration Associate.


What does a stint in the U.S. Air Force, many years in insurance sales, service as a paralegal, and ownership of a consignment shop have in common? For Wayne Stephens, managing broker at Coldwell Banker Bain of Magnolia and a participant in Bain's Manager in Development (MID) program, these combined life experiences have led to real estate and community success.

After growing up in San Diego, Wayne started out his professional life in the U.S. Air Force, spending four years serving as a member of the military police, first in New Hampshire and then Spokane. He moved on from there to a small Spokane construction firm, which worked with the U.S. Army Core of Engineers on dams and other environmental engineering projects. 

"I really loved my work with the construction firm and I learned so much," said Wayne. "Unfortunately, the firm struggled and I had to find a new professional opportunity."

Wayne took a position as a claims' adjuster for Allstate Insurance, where he spent several years successfully handling homeowner and property claims, and where he started to build a strong network of relationships in the Spokane and Seattle business communities. He then studied to become a paralegal and served in that capacity for firms that specialized in insurance investigation and defense work. 

With this increased expertise in insurance matters, Wayne accepted a position with PEMCO, spending nearly 22 years there handling claims and IT department responsibilities. During that time, he gained full custody of his boys who were four and five at the time and raised them as a single parent until they graduated high school.

But after 25 years in the insurance sector, Wayne began to tire of it.

"After so many years, I started to find that the work was overwhelming. I liked achieving the end results but I didn't like the work. Each day meant I was going to be faced with the resolution of death, destruction or injury or that I'd be implementing systems designed to help manage the claims process. Very little in the work is positive. Either we paid too little and the customer is upset, or we paid too much and the company is upset. And system shutdowns simply couldn't happen. So, when the boys graduated high school I left to open my own company," he said.

Wayne opened a consignment shop, Armadillo Consignment, in August 2007 ​just as the housing crisis began and closed it in October 2017. During that time he never missed  payroll, laid an employee off, missed a consignment payout and always paid twice the minimum wage or more. Located at 125th and Greenwood in Seattle, Armadillo offered vintage & contemporary furniture, apparel & housewares, with the store becoming a neighborhood fixture. During that 10 years Wayne was able to further develop relationships with contractors and real estate agents who were utilizing his shop for staging purposes.

Which brought Wayne to real estate. "My interactions with the many agents at my shop gave me a great sense of what being an agent is about, and it was really interesting to me. I knew it would enable me to both leverage my experience and also have the personal connections that I really value."

In 2017 he joined the Coldwell Banker Bain of Lake Union office, where his life experiences have served him well in developing his practice. He decided to take advantage of the COVID slowdown to study for his managing broker license, and entered Bain's MID program in February.

CB Bain's MID program has been a long-time part of the company's efforts to develop broker leaders. Tasha Pasco, CB Bain's executive vice president of sales and leadership development, oversees the program in order to provide a practical approach to assist those who are interested in learning more about being an assistant managing broker or a principal managing broker in the future. The backgrounds of those entering the program varies – some indicate interest themselves and others are nominated by company leaders who see special leadership qualities in them.

Said Tasha, "There is no exact timeframe for how long a participant stays in the program. Even if someone from the program advances to a management position, they will often stay in the program as they work through their new position and their new daily tasks. We know it can take a new PMB with CB Bain up to two years to really grasp the entirety of the job and this program, along with our updated PMB onboarding checklist, will help them navigate that learning curve and shorten the process toward their path to success."

"It has been a complete eye-opener to see what being a principal managing broker entails and requires," he said. "Nothing just happens, there is an operational strategy – with lots of reports and data to consider. I am continually learning and am always so impressed by how the other PMBs think, and the many diverse perspectives we have within the company."

Wayne was appointed Managing Broker in Magnolia in March 2021 where he continues to learn, train and recruit for the company. "I have a strong desire to help people who are not high wage earners get into our market and the industry. Not by 'artificial' means, but through early education about the benefits of working in our industry and then attracting the best talent," he said.

A commitment to serving the community has long been important to Wayne - he is currently running for a Board position with the Seattle-King County Association of Realtors, saying, "I think the real estate community together with business should be more proactive in solving the issue of homelessness. Here again, I'm not talking about tossing more money at the issue, but it strikes me that as I hear solutions go by, I don't hear from leaders in our industry." 

He also on the Board of Directors for Run to Win kids sports camps, a non-profit founded by Husky Rose Bowl Winner Mike Rohrbach. "Our industry has weathered the pandemic extremely well, but there are many that haven't. I believe we have a duty to give back and volunteer in whatever way makes sense in our community," he said.


Upcycle TipsUpcycling has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with more people looking for ways to reuse materials and save money. It is a great way of transforming unloved, outdated, or unused pieces of furniture into something fresh, unique, and perfectly suited for your space. The good thing about upcycling is that no previous skills are required, and there are really no limits to what you can create. Upcycling is not just a cost-effective way of breathing new life into your old furniture, but it's also a great way to expand your creativity and reduce your impact on the environment. Our brokers have put together their top tips, which will help you create your ultimate upcycling adventure.

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