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Home Decor Tips

Part of homeownership is getting to redecorate your place and make it a reflection of your style. As you consider various trends to add to your home, you may come across one that is becoming more and more popular, known as cottagecore, which is a home decor journey to a cozier time. If the homes you are asking our brokers to show you are perfect for adding these design touches, you're on your way to having a cottagecore inspired home. Follow these tips below.

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Home Features As our brokers will tell you, most homebuyers make up their minds about a home before they take a look inside. No matter how much money, time, and effort you put into styling your home's interior, it will be much harder to sell your house if the exterior does not charm potential buyers. First impressions are everything when it comes to real estate. A buyer is more likely to move on to the next home if your home's exterior is not well-kept and lacks features that offer recreational benefits.

As you prepare your home for the selling process, you may want to consider exterior upgrades that could add value to your home today and in the future. Find out which investments make the most sense with this list of popular outdoor home features that boost property value, marketability, and appeal.

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Ashley Jackson, a recently licensed real estate broker in the Coldwell Banker Bain of Silverdale office, received her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from WSU in 2015. She then spent several years living and working in the Seattle area, serving as an Area Trainer for Domino's Pizza, where she helped develop and teach an award-winning training program.

When she joined Coldwell Banker Bain of Redmond as its office manager in 2018, it didn't take her long to know that someday, she wanted to be a real estate broker.

"I was drawn to the job, although the idea of running my own 'business' was a bit daunting and the thought of giving up a more consistent salary and benefits a consideration," she recalled. "I wasn't sure I could do it, but my husband always knew… he thought it was right for me from the beginning. While initially I needed some coaxing, it truly has been a great and rewarding move for me."

Following serving for a year in the office manager position, where she helped onboard and train new brokers, including helping them set up their marketing and social media activities, Ashley accepted a regional marketing specialist position for Bain. Her area of responsibility was initially the north region – Lynnwood/Edmonds to Bellingham, including Everett and Anacortes – but she was then given responsibility for the high-volume offices of Lake Union, Capitol Hill, Madison Park and Bainbridge Island.

"I provided overall marketing support for brokers that included attending office meetings, communicating to brokers the various marketing services and materials that Bain's marketing department provided, and assisting with development of landing pages, web sites, social media platforms, listing materials and providing overall general training of new brokers," she said.

Ashley spent 1-1/2 years in this position, and coupled with her work as an office manager, became even more familiar with the life and work of a broker. As she continued to be intrigued with the possibility of moving into that role, her husband's acceptance of a job in Kitsap County and a subsequent move there forced the decision - it was the perfect time to study for her real estate license.

Ashley received her license in October 2020, and joined the Coldwell Banker Bain of Silverdale office. Since then, she has joined forces with Kendall Patterson, who she worked with in the Redmond office, to launch Team HomEquity.

"Kendall started in Redmond around the same time as I did as the office manager," Ashley said. "She was always so encouraging of me, and when Kendall began to talk about starting a female team, it made great sense for me to join her. We work really well together and complement each other in many ways."

The biggest challenge for Ashley in moving from more corporate positions to a broker role has been in staying consistent and focused on a daily routine and accomplishing tasks.

"I think having an accountability partner is paramount to a new broker's success," she said. "Kendall is that for me, and I have also benefited greatly from educating myself beyond getting my license… reading all the real estate books, participating in coaching classes with Joe Galindo, developing a business plan, etc. You definitely get out of it what you put in."

Ashley and Kendall have found that being active on social media has been really beneficial, focusing on Instagram and TikTok. "Bain has a very strong and solid brand in our region, so leveraging social media and showing your personality is a logical next step to build upon that brand," Ashley said. "We do a combination of videos on real estate topics, along with lighter and fun content based on what's currently trending."

They received their first joint listing from social media, Ashley reported, and she encourages other brokers to test it out.

"My love for real estate is that of any dreamer. I have always loved imagining the different ways you can make a house your home and often played games centered around building and decorating growing up. Social media allows me to stay connected and build relationships with a variety of people I may not run into in person, especially through COVID," she said.


Picnic Spots Throughout Seattle

With a city surrounded by water and mountains, is it any wonder that outdoor dining is so popular in Seattle? Pack a basket or grab some carryout and visit one of these amazing picnic spots around Seattle recommended by our brokers

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Think you have what it takes to be a trivia champ in the Portland area? Grab your family and friends and join our brokers in showing off your knowledge at these great trivia nights near Portland homes for sale

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