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Fall Interior Design The season of pumpkin spice, sweater weather, and apple-everything is here, and our brokers want to make sure you're ready for the fall interior design trends. Pumpkin décor is a forever favorite, but there are many other brilliant ways to dress your home for the season. Thankfully, the fall interior design trends for 2021 have something for everyone. We're talking layering, vintage décor, cozy autumnal shades, natural elements, and more. It's time to make your home feel festive and comforting. Here are the most prevalent home decor trends for you to experiment with this fall.

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Pacific Crest Trail

Spanning 2,650 miles from the Mexican border in the south to the Canadian border in the north, the Pacific Crest Trail is to the West Coast what the Appalachian Trail is to the East Coast. Our brokers take a look at this iconic hiking destination that's within convenient distance of Bend homes for sale.

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Todd Shively, Principal Managing Broker at Coldwell Banker Bain's Capitol Hill office and its West Seattle satellite, embodies transformational leadership. When Todd took the helm in January 2020, he infused the office with creativity, energy, true team spirit, and his eye for collaborative design. Todd's ability to engage his team and galvanize a sense of family shines as a model to uplift any business environment.

Selling real estate has been Todd's full-time career since 2002; but houses and the idea of what makes a home have been a lifelong passion. As a young boy in southern Idaho, he used to spend hours exploring new homes being built nearby, read real estate advertising magazines front to back, and study architectural renderings in books for hours (translation: house nerd)!

One spring day in 2002, Todd had an unexpected moment where he thought, "Whatever happened to that dream of real estate?" That July, he quit his job, acquired his real estate license, and walked into his new office at Coldwell Banker Bain on Lake Union. The time since has been a whirlwind of growth, adaptation, market forces, challenges, and successes. July 2022 will mark Todd's 20th year at Coldwell Banker Bain.

Established in the late 80's, Capitol Hill became the company's third major office. The area is also one of Seattle's oldest, largest and most diverse neighborhoods: A magnet for students, urban professionals, artists, and families. When Todd took over as PMB of Capitol Hill in January 2020, he became a unifying leader to make the office a collaborative hub with a defined identity. When looking at the key elements of what retains a team, Todd knew he had the ability to directly affect one important retention component: culture.

In his first week, just as a pandemic quietly began to percolate, he gave a presentation to share his leadership style and to foster a place where everyone would feel safe, respected, and heard. His presentation included five guiding principles for positive outcomes through intentional behaviors:

  • Lead with Service
  • Be a Compassionate Advocate
  • See the Person Behind the Personality
  • Nurture Trust Through Trust
  • Seek an Outcome that Benefits All Involved

He had no idea at that moment how critical his inclusive voice and cohesive efforts would become to shine as a beacon in uncertain times.

Next, Todd set about refreshing the space with new paint, furnishings, and replacing cubicles with comfy chairs and tables; audibly resetting the mood by playing in Motown or upbeat music in the background; and brushing the office with a modern sensibility (even offering an all-gender bathroom) that attracted people and instilled sense of workplace pride.

"To me, the esthetic experience reflects the office's personality," Todd said, adding staff partners were moved out of offices and into public spaces to better build relationships. With service elements focused toward the brokers, interaction and teamwork soared. Weekly meetings afforded time for partners to get to know each other.  Everyone in his office was given the agency to be decision-makers and to offer input on major decisions.

Todd has always been quick to spring for wine and pizza, but fun also happened early on when the staff participated in a "Dry January" together organizing various alcohol-free events throughout the month. Extending that spirit, the Capitol Hill office WHY became: To support and elevate one another so that its community can thrive. They even created buttons for the 2021 company-wide event with this mantra: "Support. Elevate. Thrive."

The team launched its own private Facebook page for brokers and partners to stay in communication. Timed with the onset of the pandemic, the group found it to be a lifeline. During the pandemic, Todd engaged in regular weekly memo-writing with formal health and safety protocols for open houses and other pandemic real estate do's and don'ts. His tough positions on safety may not have been the easiest or most popular, but the clear communication worked.

The office also started an Impact NOW Fund during the shutdown that resulted in a $10,000 kitty, which offered no-question-asked stipends to any brokers in need of help with rent, a car payment, or utilities.

When Capitol Hill hit the national media spotlight during the tumultuous BLM protests, the office did not close, but embraced BLM and its tough conversations. It printed, displayed, and distributed BLM posters and raised $33,000 for Byrd Barr Place to support families in the neighboring Central District. A Black Lives Matter Facebook page was started for important conversations; Black Lives in real estate continues to be relevant.

Today, 60 engaged, team-oriented brokers share the thriving Capitol Hill office. Additionally, Todd and team are building out a new 6,000 sq. ft. flagship office in the Pike/Pine corridor to open Q1 2022. Todd's example demonstrates how one person's energy, creativity and generosity can create a thriving workplace with a connected and purposeful team. Bravo!


Coldwell Banker Bain is proud to announce its Longview office recently donated $41,500 to Special Olympics Washington. Principal Managing Broker Kevin Stonelake and Broker Denny Shanahan at Coldwell Banker Bain Longview host an annual golf tournament to benefit Special Olympics Washington. In its third year, the event was held at Club Green Meadows in Vancouver, Wash. on September 10th and raised $41,500 – well above this year's $25,000 goal. The event was attended by Special Olympic athletes and logged 112 participants overall. It enjoyed significant support from Coldwell Banker Bain brokers and staff, including a number of large donations and sponsorships from fellow Coldwell Banker Bain managers.  

Denny Shanahan (right) and Kevin Stonelake, PMB of CB Bain Longview (left), present Barry Gill (center) with Special Olympics a check for $41,500.


Pike Place MarketPike Place Market is such a cherished part of Seattle that offers fantastic food options in every season. Our brokers are especially fond of the fall treats that can be found at the market. Plan your next trip to Pike Place Market and be on the lookout for these fall finds.

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Pacific Northwest Fall

Is it possible that Pacific Northwest scenery can get even more spectacular? While we love this area in all seasons, there's something extra special about the fall. See Washington and Oregon dressed up in their fall colors at these beautiful locations as recommended by our brokers.

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