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Portland Theater

Portland has a vibrant live theater scene packed with popular plays, musicals, and more that are performed in interesting venues with rich histories. The 2022 calendar is filled with exciting performances, so you're sure to find several that appeal to you.
Our brokers are excited for all the performances taking the stage in Portland. Here are a few in 2022 you don't want to miss:

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jim goodwinImagine spending 30 years in the music business in Los Angeles, having fame and a self-built fortune, and then starting over after basically losing it all. Known to many in the 1980s as the keyboardist for rock band The Call, one couldn't listen to the radio or watch MTV in its early heyday without catching Jim Goodwin and his bandmates in the rotation. After decades in rock and roll, the high pressure music business in L.A., and the fast pace came with a cost. Jim's path into real estate was essentially a winding road that brought him right back to his family roots.    

Several major health scares gave Jim a wake-up call that meant changes were needed, and he took command. Setting and achieving goals both personally and professionally are how Jim has overcome obstacles. He hit the reset button on his life and re-centered himself with a fresh mindset and healthy habits. 

A friend of his mentioned Jim should consider the real estate business.  Jim's uncle and cousin had once owned the most popular real estate brokerage in Sisters. His Uncle Dave Goodwin, who owned Sisters Real Estate until its 2003 closure, was beloved and respected by all within the county.  Jim knew that if he took on real estate in Sisters, he would need to follow in some big footsteps to maintain his family's same high standards. The Goodwin name meant something. 

After moving to Oregon in 2009, Jim pursued the Goodwin real estate legacy. Jim's Uncle Dave is his inspiration, and he aspires to achieve that same level of integrity, honesty, and genuine love to help people find their homes in Central Oregon. Fast forward to 2022, and Jim's as endearing as his uncles in Sisters, only he happens to be a fixture of Coldwell Banker Reed Bros Realty.

Consider the nation's housing market over the last 13 years: A burst housing and lending bubble after an economic downturn, followed by unprecedented foreclosures, then a housing grab, and then relative stability with escalating home values. Then along came COVID, which has made inventory in the $500,000 range—prime for first-time homebuyers (and second home range)—scarce. If first-time buyers aren't prepared with their financials when inventory becomes available, opportunities can be quickly lost. 

Jim cares that his clients are educated and engaged about the challenges they are going to face in this new economy.  Right up front he tells them it's going to be tough, but to think of this as an exciting challenging that will be rewarding when things come together.  So, he takes the time to educate and prepare them so that when it's time to make it happen, they are ready to strike a deal. "To me, the reward is the feeling you get when you're appreciated by your clients; the work takes time, but the reward is that much sweeter," he says.

To be his best as a REALTOR®, Jim stays positive and nurtures his energy to best serve his clients. He accomplishes this through nutrition and exercise. He eats no sugar, takes in only very low carbs, drinks no alcohol, and he exercises every night.  These good habits have not only taken 40 pounds off his frame over the last couple of years, this clean living gets his "brain clicking."  He says this clarity of mind keeps him on his game so that he can do his best client work. "This is a service business, not a sales business," Jim says.

Goodwin's Good Living Tips:

  • Good diet = clarity
  • Exercise = less stress
  • Be a "Piglet" not an "Eeyore"

Jim is married to a nurse, and they appreciate every day and what they have together. He also is part of an equestrian trail group that takes a 5-day annual trip. Out of Hollywood and back to happier trails, Jim urges others to be their own best personal advocate.  "Don't wait," he says. "Take control of your health now and live your best life."


Food Halls Seattle

It's no exaggeration to say that Seattle is the city that turned the food hall into an art form, thanks to the legendary Pike Place Market. But that's not the only amazing food hall around the city! Whether you're a dedicated foodie shopping for the perfect ingredients for your next creation or you're searching for fresh, expertly prepared food inspired by cultures from around the world, the food halls of the Seattle area have you covered. Our brokers have the delicious details on 7 of the best food halls to visit in Seattle and nearby communities.

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Portland Pocket Parks

Each year, visitors flock to the Pacific Northwest to take in the region's fabled sights. Even so, there are a number of delightful pockets of land, or pocket parks, around Portland homes for sale that manage to stay under the radar. Our brokers let you in on some of their favorite hidden gems in Portland.

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Tea Shops in Seattle

Seattle might be famous for its coffee, but don't forget about its tea. No city does warm beverages quite like Seattle, and tea is no exception.

January is National Hot Tea Month, so there couldn't be a better time to visit your favorite local tea shop in Seattle and unwind with your favorite blend. Tea is proven to reduce stress, plus it's loaded with antioxidants making it a perfect wintertime beverage.

Whether you're looking to stock up on your favorite loose leaf tea or simply want to warm up in a cozy teahouse on a rainy day, there are so many great independent tea shops around town. Here are some favorite destinations from our brokers:

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