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Alberta Arts District

Are you searching for a unique shopping experience near Portland homes for sale? You won't have to look far for a historic shopping area that embodies the true spirit of Portland. Our brokers would like to introduce you to the Alberta Arts District!

The Alberta Arts District sits along Northeast Alberta Street in Northeast Portland, crossing parts of the highly desirable Vernon, Concordia, and King neighborhoods. Its energetic and eclectic vibe is powered by its lively community of artists and entrepreneurs.

Throughout the year, many live musical events are focused on the Alberta Arts District, and it's a great place to stop for a bite to eat with many delicious restaurants to choose from. As you explore the storefronts, you'll encounter vibrant murals, sculptures, and a whole lot more. There's always something new to see and do.

Let's look at some of the best places to do some local shopping in the Alberta Arts District:

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Moving Tips

Moving to a new house can be a stressful and chaotic ordeal. You have a thousand different things to worry about. There's a good chance something will be forgotten.

Whether it's an item you didn't pack up or a task you neglected to do, it's not uncommon to get to your new home, only to say, "What happened to the ______?!" Here are some of the most common things people forget.

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hannah dubyneMeet Hannah Dubnye, Coldwell Banker Bain's tenacious Vancouver and Camas, Wash.-based REALTOR®, striving to provide the most seamless experience to her clients through technology and social media. In her business, Dubyne Realty Group of Coldwell Banker Bain, her goal is to combine "thoughtful, personal service with social media and online presence."

Professionalism, poise, and a detailed work ethic aren't just words to Hannah.  She wasted no time achieving her career goals: During high school she managed a restaurant and in just three years, she graduated college with a degree in finance, all while working multiple jobs. After interning for several different businesses, she determined she could best apply her entrepreneurial edge and social media acumen to a career in residential real estate. Assessing her options, Hannah headed to Vancouver, an area she researched through multiple social media platforms.

"I felt the Vancouver/Camas market had been underserved, given the lack of active social media," she said.  "I built Instagram and Facebook pages as places I could introduce myself and tell well-crafted stories about listings."

She found telling authentic stories through video has enabled her to engage with almost 2,000 people.   She humbly admits her first videos weren't her best, but through trial and error, she found the right rhythm.

Hannah enjoys providing value for clients by creating useful stories on video.  She targets relocation clients by engaging and speaking to them as they comment or follow her Instagram stories. She narrates and puts herself in the buyer's shoes. 

"People want a visual, but they also want someone to walk them through a property," she added.

Hannah's Social Media Strategy:

  • Establish business-dedicated Instagram and Facebook accounts (just be willing to commit to maintaining your accounts, once you start).
  • Review other successful realtor accounts and mimic some of the things you can apply (that could mean post frequency, content/captions, hashtags, photography style, etc.). See what resonates and adopt more of that type of content.
  • Gradually add photographs and video of listings, local scenery, and a bit about yourself.
  • Research your ideal client within a 50-mile radius of your sales area.
  • "Like," posts and follow other accounts; engage.
  • Respond! Always respond to every person who comments, messages or follows you; it's the first way to communicate.

Hannah believes that the actual number of followers isn't as important as quality of the people who are interested in selling or purchasing a home. Her social accounts, which are relatively new and still growing, enjoy solid engagement and interaction. Clearly her strategy is working, as she has achieved her initial goal of representing buyers and sellers of at least a dozen listings in nine short months.

Curious to see Hannah's work in action? Check out her accounts on Instagram and Facebook. She also maintains a "Weekend Happenings with Hannah" email campaign and uses an email capture feature on her website to build that email recipient list.

Being a REALTOR® inherently commands engagement and communication; social media is just one more tool in the toolbox. If you're hoping to make your listings more accessible, to offer interactive conversations (answering questions online for the benefit of other potential buyers or sellers to also learn), attract new clientele, and share what's great about your community, consider these valuable channels. 



You never run out of interesting things to see and do in Portland. Old Town Chinatown is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and offers some truly unique attractions in the Portland area. Our brokers love telling people about Portland and all it has to offer! Be sure to check out these 7 places in Old Town Chinatown. 

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Seattle Events

Ireland is over 4,000 miles away from Seattle homes for sale, but that distance vanishes on St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate the luck o' the Irish by donning your finest green outfit and joining our brokers at these exciting holiday events around Seattle. 

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