While housing market cycles may wax and wane, I can share one certain truth about Western Washington real estate: the long-term value of investing in waterfront property. Whether you’ve thought about purchasing waterfront property for a primary residence, or as a vacation retreat, there are many benefits to making this investment. Watch the video below to learn what these are.




First, there’s the very real long-term value that waterfront offers. Typically, waterfront property in the Puget Sound and Western Washington has appreciated faster than its landlocked alternatives. In fact, some Realtors have calculated that waterfront homes in our area can double in value every ten years. And even that pace may soon be accelerated, as experts are predicting that many baby boomers from California will choose to retire in Seattle and Western Washington, citing our more plentiful and affordable waterfront living. Our waterfront and water-view homes have always been highly-sought after, but perhaps never more so than in the next few decades.

Of course, there’s also the cachet of owning a waterfront home. You’ll likely have more friends who’ll want to visit, more neighbors who’ll offer a hand, and when the time comes to sell, more interested buyers coming to take a look. The high perceived value of waterfront property is proven time and again by the prices buyers are willing to pay for their coveted new waterfront addresses. In 2010 alone, waterfront properties were the most expensive homes sold in King, Snohomish, Pierce, Kitsap, Island and San Juan counties in Washington.
Perhaps the greatest reason Western Washington waterfront homes and land are so desirable is their unique and sought-after lifestyle. From privacy and exclusivity to boating, fishing and even float planes, Puget Sound waterfront properties provide recreational fun, personal comfort and a high sense of achievement. While many generations of Washingtonians have enjoyed our region’s diverse lakes, rivers and oceans, not many have had the privilege of doing so from their own back yards.
Whether you’re interested in a floating home on Seattle’s Lake Union, inspired by a waterfront estate in Medina, seeking the perfect dock on Mercer Island or eyeing a bluff-top or beachfront retreat in Bellingham, why not turn your dream into the very beneficial reality of owning waterfront property?  To learn more about purchasing a Western Washington waterfront home or about its long-term investment value, contact me today!